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Not all attorneys are litigators.   You must feel at home in the courtroom to persuade a judge and jury of the truth and justice of your client’s case – a talent some have but many don’t.  Confidence comes with experience – the experience you gain with an attorney who has tried well over 100 cases to conclusion.    

Personal Injury

Everyone needs help when injured whether it is a car accident or other injury causing occurrence.  Larry Mason has the experience to identify the issues necessary to hold the parties responsible and bring your claim to a conclusion that is satisfactory.   This will be done in the most cost efficient and productive manner possible.   Experience does provide an advantage.  Less costs, less wait to get results you need and appreciate.

Professional and Commercial Damages

The firm’s founder understands the responsibility of pursuing professionals and companies who violate their trusts and duties.  For a number of years a large chunk of his practice has been doing just that – involved with cases big and small against professionals and businesses resulting in judgments and settlements worth millions to his clients.  A mark of his success is the number of clients other attorneys refer to him for their litigation needs.   

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